Our coaching philosophy is to provide a positive, long term development and education to our players. Our core values are Positivity, Effort, Perseverance, and Sportsmanship. We stress teaching baseball fundamentals while emphasizing how to play baseball the correct way; by respecting umpires, coaches, teammates, opponents and the game.

We do not take a ‘Win at All Costs’ approach. While we do plan to win games, we stay true to our primary plan which is to prepare these young athletes for a successful life on and off of the baseball field. We will be using the game of baseball as a vehicle to teach these young players important life lessons by showing how hard work, focus and dedication pays off. Additionally, we will help each player develop and define their personal goals for success in baseball and school and we will provide these players with positive support and encouragement as they work toward achieving their goals. Lastly, each player will receive the focused attention, compassion and high level of instruction from our team of highly qualified and experienced coaches.